Do You Believe You Are Not Enough?



We live in a culture in which most of us fear being enough. There’s this fear among us that we will never be extraordinary enough to belong or to be loved. I see it everywhere in messages thrown around social media, that ordinary life isn’t good enough. I am a sucker for the reality show “The Bachelor” but this show is the perfect example of this mindset. Having men and women be flown off to exotic locations to have candlelit dinners on the beach and helicopter rides to private islands with champagne flowing and this is all to create “love”. When these men and women return to reality and quickly realize that love isn’t about these grand amazing gestures and butterflies they realize it wasn’t enough.

I believe, as women, this fear starts to control our lives. Are we good enough wives? Good enough mothers? Thin enough? Beautiful enough? Smart enough? Extraordinary enough? I didn’t get enough sleep, I don’t have enough money, there isn’t enough time, my child doesn’t eat enough vegetables, I don’t workout enough, I could seriously go on and on…

When does life start to become enough?

I believe life starts to become enough when we stop comparing it to others highlighted/edited lives. When we learn our true identity, passions, and goals. When we pursue the Lord in our daily lives and then choose to serve others before ourselves. I believe it becomes enough when we stop striving for perfection and learn the power of contentment. I believe life starts to become enough when we learn to work and fight for the things we believe in.

I want you to hear this today, you are enough. You are not a failure, no matter how many times you fail.

Do you ever stop to think about how unstoppable you would be if you really believed in who you were created to be? Daughters of the most high king, conquerors through Jesus, we were given the gift of an abundant life. That my friend, is extremely powerful. Our lives are meant to be more than just ‘enough’.


I’m Still Here….

Hey guys! It’s been awhile huh? Life has been crazy to say the least which has kept me away from my beloved blog. But let’s be real sleep>blog, sorry not sorry. Also, how in the heck is it Monday again and almost May, ahhhh!


So, let’s do a little update, shall we?

Most of the reason I took an unplanned break from the blog was due to some serious sleep issues we’ve been having with Charlotte. It started about two months ago but has progressively gotten worse over the past few weeks. We are having major struggles with nap and bedtime, pour me an extra cup of coffee will you? You may remember that we moved Charlotte into a big girl bed back in January and didn’t start to have issues with it until a few weeks ago. Charlotte has now realized that she can get out of her bed and venture out around the house at her leisure. Needless to say, each and every nap time became a major struggle and if I could get her to stay in her bed and fall asleep it didn’t end up happening until maybe 3 o’clock meaning she would sleep until 4:30/5 making her not tired for bedtime at 7:30. So we’ve been experimenting aka going crazy…..okay fine I’m beingĀ a bit dramatic. We’ve been playing with moving back her bedtime to 8/8:30, well that didn’t help either. So right now where we are at is Charlotte has “quiet” time in her room for at least 45 minutes to an hour. This means she has to stay in her bed/room and either read or lay down for some rest. Honestly, this seems to be working other than the few times she’s passed out cold from being tired…..sigh……

Here’s what life has looked like lately…

We tired to bribe her with treats to sleep, what has my life come to?!

We tired to bribe her with treats to sleep, what has my life come to?!

Rainy day fun!

Rainy day fun!

Came upstairs to go to bed and found this...her sleeping outside our bedroom door, ugh!

Came upstairs to go to bed and found this…her sleeping outside our bedroom door, ugh!

Somersaults, and go....!

Somersaults, and go….!

I'm not sure I can dig the texture of the chia kombucha

I’m not sure I can dig the texture of the chia kombucha

Mom Olympics at MOPS!

Mom Olympics at MOPS!

We love warm days!

We love warm days!



This was yesterday, after no napping and no quiet time, she passed out randomly

This was yesterday, after no napping and no quiet time, she passed out randomly. But guys, she’s “not tired” šŸ˜‰

Attempting the quiet time with reading in bed

Attempting the quiet time with reading in bed

IMG_3425 (1)

Fell asleep on the way to a birthday party. She stayed asleep even inside the noisy party

Fell asleep on the way to a birthday party. She stayed asleep even inside the noisy party

But don't worry she eventually woke up to have some birthday fun!

But don’t worry she eventually woke up to have some birthday fun!


And just for some laughs, these sum up how I’m feeling right now….

IMG_3412 (1)

IMG_3414 (1)

IMG_3411 (1)



PS, I’m open to any suggestions you may have regarding this whole fun sleeping adventure we are having right now. If you don’t have any, well at least have a cup of coffee orĀ a glass of wine for me, or both!


Whole30 Recap

Phew….! 30 days you guys, 30 days of no sugar (HUGE for me), 30 days with no dairy, 30 days with no wheat/grains, 30 days no alcohol (WINE!) and it was amazing…no really!

When I first began the Whole30 journey I was really skeptical and nervous for cutting out so many different types of food out of my diet. I wasn’t sure how my body would react, well let’s be honest, I was more nervous about how my mind would react to not having my favorite comfort foods.

I truly love LOVE my coffee each morning (and sometimes afternoon), I would have a packet of stevia and 2 tablespoons of Simple Natural Salted Caramel creamer, so I obviously like my coffee pretty sweet. Whole30 coffee is either black or you can add some coconut cream, coconut oil or some almond milk (unsweetened) in it. So each morning I would do a tablespoon of coconut cream, a teaspoon of coconut oil and a dash of cinnamon, I would say my coffee was something I struggled with the first two weeks.

Breakfast was usually eggs, bacon or sausage, and avocado; chia pudding; or an apple with cashew butter.

Lunch was either dinner leftovers from the night before or salad.

The snack I had daily was either a Larabar or some fruit topped with cashew butter and coconut chips.

Dinner varied, think of any combination of protein and veggie and I’m sure we had it.

It definitely took a lot of planning, meal prep, and self control to make it through the 30 days. Full disclosure-I had 1 drink with friends at dinner one night and that was truly the only cheat I had.


  • I lost a lot of inches, I really wish I would haveĀ taken measurements to know the exact number but my pants are falling off.
  • My energy levels during workouts are ridiculous, although I didn’t notice a big energy surge outside my workouts (like during normal day to day activity)
  • I lost 11 pounds, 11!
  • One of the biggest things is I no longer have headaches. I used to get headaches DAILY, popped Advil DAILY. Not anymore, it’s amazing.
  • I sleep like a rock, I fall asleep when my head hits the pillow and I wake up in the morning. No tossing and turning, no troubles sleeping.
  • My face is clearer.

I think I had my post Whole30 day planned out by the end of week 1. I indulged in Mexican food, and ice cream and I felt like total crap after that meal. The next morning I got a Starbucks coffee and scone and I couldn’t even drink my coffee-it was too sweet! After the little bit of coffee and scone I had a horrible headache and was super nauseous.

Going forward, my plan is to eat Whole30ish, I’m still kinda figuring out what that looks like but I know it will include coffee creamer and wine plus an occasional treat.

Tell me….

Have you done Whole30? Would you?



Building A House 101


When my family and I moved back to Colorado in January of 2015 we had no idea the housing market was such a disaster. We moved in with my parents with the mindset that we would be living with them for a few months until we were able to purchase a house. A few months later we realized we were in trouble, we would find homes we liked but were getting majorly outbid (people offering vacations, 10’s of thousands of dollars above appraisal price, etc). The Denver area was majorly lacking inventory for home buyers so everyone would go crazy over ANY (and I do mean any) house that hit the market, homes were being sold in hours not days. By this time it was March and we had originally anticipated being in our own home by then, or at least under contract.

Brent and I had never considered building a new home before this time, we didn’t think we could afford it nor did we really have the “time” to invest in such a project. Well, we found a new home site not too far from where my parents were living at the time and decided to take a look. We absolutely fell in love but were still so unsure about the process. Since the housing market was so crazy the new home builders were insanely busy too, we had to get on a wait list.

outside of house


Once we were on the list things started to get real, we learned a lot through the process and I thought I would share what we learned with you guys.

Find out what comes standard and what is extra…

We quickly learned how building a new house could easily bust your budget if you aren’t careful and do your research. We were fortunate to find a builder who had an awesome standard package that we could build off of.

Honestly, the lot we wanted was about 10k more than we wanted to spend, so we ended up getting a less expensive lot so we could put more money into the house itself.

Go through the option list with a fine tooth comb and truly do a gut check to decide what you can and absolutely cannot live without. Brent and I made sure to involve our realtor in order to decide what was worth the initial upgrade investment or what could wait and even be cheaper if we just did it ourselves.

Stay in communication…

When builders are so busy you can easily be forgotten about, make sure you stay fresh in their mind by keeping tabs on what’s going on. I emailed with our builder once or twice a week, even if it was to just say hey I’m still here waiting for you to dig our foundation…..

We were in a unique situation with our build since the market was flooded with people wanting to build and the entire trade itself was swamped. We then had a random and almost unheard months of rain here in Colorado which pushed our dig date by about 4 weeks (talk about torture).

Know who to talk to and when to talk to them, we had our sales consultant, our realtor, a front end construction manager and a back end construction manager.

Be patient…

Whew…this one was really hard for me. Building always takes longer than they initially said because there will always be some sort of snag that takes time to recover from.


  1. Sign the contract!
We were so excited!

We were so excited!

2. Go to the design center and choose everything for your house, this was by far my favorite part!!































3. Dig and pour the foundation! This part is fun because you can really start to visualize the house.

IMG_0291 IMG_0357 IMG_05044.Ā  This is when the real fun starts! Rough framing….

IMG_0647 IMG_0666 IMG_0673 IMG_07145. Rough plumbing, electrical and HVAC

IMG_09356. Insulation, dry-wall and texture

I apparently didn’t take pictures in this stage….even though it was really fun to see actual walls being put in place rather than just wood beams everywhere.

7. Trim, paint, driveway

IMG_1262 IMG_1263 IMG_12108. Countertops and cabinets, this is when most builders will tell you it’s about 30 days until closing.

IMG_1260 9. Final touches for bathroom fixtures, cleaning, paint touch-ups and a final walkthrough before closing.

The whole process from the day we signed our contract to closing was 10 months, a LONG 10 months, but it’s now over and we are so thankful we built!

IMG_1579 IMG_1581collage

Have you ever considered building? Why or why not?


Photo An Hour-Day In The Life

I’m always intrigued by these types of posts and have been wanting to do one for awhile now, enjoy!


6AM Coffee, water, blog, and favorite book at the moment


7AM Breakfast

8AM Getting ready for school

Getting ready for school

9AM Workout!


10AM Killer Workout!

10AM Killer Workout!

11AM Walking the pup in the snow!

Walking the pup in the snow!

12PM Lunch!


1PM Nap


2PM Afternoon pick me up!

Afternoon pick me up!


3PM The kids play while mom does laundry!

4PM Putting together clothes for a MOPS event

Putting together clothes for a MOPS event


5PM Making dinner

Making dinner

6PM Goofing around

Goofing around

7PM Jokes with Daddy before bed

Jokes with Daddy before bed

8PM Making A Murderer

Making A Murderer

9PM Lights out!

Lights out!


This is the wild and crazy life we lead!