Three Years Old

And just like that, our baby girl is THREE today. I have honestly been a wreck the past couple of days, going through old photos and looking back on the wonderful life we’ve created. Having your child grow older is such a bittersweet experience. I love watching Charlotte grow, learn, explore, become her own little person, but it also pains me to look at her hands that are no longer the baby hands, or listen to how she speaks words the proper way. I’m so ridiculously thankful God chose me to be Charlotte’s mom, it has by far been the best thing to happen to me since I met my husband. Being a mom is everything I had ever dreamed it being and more (if that’s even possible). Today we celebrate my not so baby girl and her third birthday, Charlotte we love you so much and treasure every minute we get to spend with you.

Newborn15 weeks cute IMG_6650 IMG_7099IMG_8170 IMG_8203IMG_8573 IMG_8706 IMG_8849 IMG_9206IMG_3847 IMG_4284 IMG_4395 IMG_9554


Happy Birthday Charlotte! You are so very loved and cherished.

Day In The Life-Photo Every Hour

I’ve always thought it was fun to see what everyone else’s days look like in various stages of life. Well, this is what a day in my life looks like with a (almost) three year old.



6:30AM-Getting ready for the day



7:30AM-On the way to an early morning Dr. appointment


8:30AM-Starbucks date with my girl



9:30AM-Picking up essentials at Target






11:30AM-Weekly grocery run






1:30PM-Nap time and some much needed mama quiet time with some Friends


IMG_5159 (2)

2:30PM-Working on the blog


3:30PM-Afternoon snack!

4:30PM-Working on letters

4:30PM-Working on letters

5:30PM-Coloring while mom cooks dinner

5:30PM-Coloring while mom cooks dinner






7:30PM-Outside play

7:30PM-Outside play

8:30PM-Bedtime-doesn't she look so tired?

8:30PM-Bedtime-doesn’t she look so tired?


We lead such an exciting life, huh? This was a fun post, hope you all enjoyed! Happy Hump Day!




Things I’m Loving Tuesday!

Two days in a row that I blogged?! No way! Yep, it’s true. I have missed this space and will hopefully be popping back in regularly. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to talk about some things that I’ve been loving lately, so here we go….!

The fact that these exist make me so so happy! I’ve always loved Honey Nut Cheerios and anything/everything pumpkin spice, so this is a no brainer for me! Can’t wait to try them, have any of you tried them yet?

pumpkin spice cheerios



Have you heard of the new clothing line Target is carrying called Cat and Jack? I’m just in love with it, they not only have amazing color selections (I’m into the neon/bright colored things) but they have positive messages and things like dinosaurs for girls! Girls like dinosaurs too! Especially my girl, she even knows their names. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. We got Charlotte this shirt…

cat and jack


One thing I haven’t grown out of since being a kid is rainbow chip cake and frosting being my favorite. When I saw Sally recreate the frosting with recognizable ingredients I knew I needed to make it ASAP! I cannot wait to run to the store for the ingredients for this frosting, yum!

I mean, how good does this look?!


I’m really looking forward to fall. The smells, tastes, feeling, and the clothes! I love to wear comfy, cozy clothing and fall is the best time to do that. I bought these Bobs right before summer and only had a chance to wear them once. I’m so looking forward to wearing them again here soon!


And speaking of cozy/comfy clothing, I’m not even sure why I waited so long to try LuLaRoe. Now that I have, I’m never going back to regular leggings. I hosted a party for my friend Lindsay this weekend and it was so fun! I really love LuLaRoe!


Your turn……

What have you been loving lately? Anything I can’t live without? Please share!

Weekly Meal Plan

Hi friends! How is it that it’s almost September? I am simultaneously soaking up the last of the summer days while getting ridiculously excited for fall. Are there any other fall lovers out there?  I figured it’s been awhile since I’ve done a weekly meal plan for you guys and decided it was time to bring it back, not that my meals are mind blowingly delicious but they are easy and healthy and that makes me happy! We have been a little more carb heavy than we typically are but that is another post for another time 😉


BLTA’s, salad, and tator tots (or minion fries as my toddler calls them). I love to add avocado to our BLT’s I think it adds a depth of flavor. Here is some good information on how to pick the perfect avocado. Because, it’s the worst getting home and cutting into a yucky avocado.


Applegate hot dogs and grass-fed burgers on the grill. What is summer time without grilling?! We like to load up our burgers and dogs with lots of grilled veggies, fresh crisp lettuce, tomatoes, pickles (only the bread and butter kind for me) and all the condiments!


Spaghetti and Caesar salad

Hubby isn’t home for dinner so Charlotte and I take advantage and make spaghetti. It’s quite the crime for this part Italian woman to be married to a man who doesn’t like spaghetti. I mean, how is that possible?! But since it’s true, Charlotte and I brown up some Italian sausage for the protein and indulge in some fresh parmesean topped spaghetti and a Caesar salad.


This sausage and roasted veggie dinner served with cous cous and a green salad. Simple but a family favorite around here…


Friday is the day I declare that I don’t cook dinner, and it’s glorious! We typically do chipotle or Café Rio salad’s-have you tried them? If not, you should.


Bruschetta grilled cheese, omg! You guys, what’s more to love? Fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil, sliced turkey breast and balsamic glaze. All the delicious fresh flavors of summer in one sandwich.


Leftovers day!


We have a very busy week ahead with lots of fun things. Can’t wait to fill you guys in on what’s been happening around here behind the scenes. Check back later this week for an announcement!


Now you tell me…..

Any favorite meals or recipes you’ve tried lately?

Sweet Summer Time

Happy August 1st! Summers in Colorado are one of my most favorite things ever, and I can say that after spending 4 ridiculously hot and humid summers in Texas. We have been so busy though this summer, hence the radio silence around here lately. In reality, I’ve been trying to spend more time in the moment and less on my computer/phone. But here’s what we’ve been up to lately…

A ton of time at the pool/splash pad…

IMG_4524 IMG_4527






Water balloon fights

Water balloon fights

IMG_4595 IMG_4613

Shenanigans with this adorable girl

Shenanigans with this adorable girl

This past weekend Brent and I left Charlotte with her Neena and we drove 2 hours north to Cheyenne, WY. Every summer the Cheyenne Frontier Days is held there, which is a week long event with rodeo’s, concerts, carnival, food, etc. This year Brent and I went with another couple friends of ours and we went to see Florida Georgia Line.

FGLGuys, they were SO good, I mean one of the top concerts I’ve been to. They are so extremely talented and really humble. Our favorite part of the night was a lineup they did of top cover songs throughout our middle school and high school years (they are around the same age as us). It was just overall an awesome concert, and I would totally go see them again sometime.

Somehow, we are now in preparing for the school year mode. Charlotte starts preschool in a few weeks so we are trying to soak up the last bit of summer that’s left and make sure we have what we need for the school year to start.


Your turn….

When does school start for your kiddos?

Are you ready for fall?