How To Raise Good Readers!

It’s no secret that our family is full of book lovers! We spend a lot of time reading daily, weekly library trips, and many days working on activity books. I don’t believe that Charlotte was just a kid who was born loving books, I believe the many habits in our family is what drove this passion for learning and reading. Here are some things that I believe helped her passion…..

  • We started reading to Charlotte and Cooper when they were babies! Charlotte had a serious library collection before she was even born and we began reading to her pretty much after she was born. There are so many benefits to reading to baby’s….
    • It’s a great way to spend quality time together
    • Your baby will start to pick up on language queues and vocabulary words
    • It engages all your baby’s senses, especially when using books with pages you can touch and feel, likes these….Baby’s First Touchy-Feely book
  • We use all the amazing tools available to us to help encourage reading and writing skills. Charlotte is really big into activity books full of different fun and engaging ways to encourage reading and writing. Such as this book…Activity Book
  • We go to story-time at the library, every single week! Surrounding children with other kiddos who are into reading and who think it’s fun is a great motivational tool to help encourage their love for books and reading. It’s also important to hear books being read from other people besides you! Most libraries make story-time super fun and engaging, every child would enjoy and benefit from it!
  • We read books that are interesting to Charlotte at the time, her interests are always¬†changing which is what is fun about reading, there are so many books about every topic!!

Since our family loves to read so much and books are an every day thing, I decided to do something exciting! I decided to join Usborne Children’s Books! They are a multi-award winning children’s publishing company and are awesome to work for and with. Please reach out to me if I can help you and your family find books to meet your families needs, I’d love to help:

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