Mother’s Day Gift Guide

There is something so special about honoring the women in our lives that are mother’s. Now that I am a mother, I truly appreciate feeling valued in my role as a mother, since it is not always an easy job. Here are some ideas on what to give the mother’s in our lives:


coffee mug pictures Zulily Copperfalls-giftcard-2013



  • This coffee mug is so cute! My mom and I share a huge love for coffee so mugs are a great gift idea for those like us who love coffee (or tea, or wine-I won’t judge 😉
  • Time! Make the effort to spend time with the women in your life that took on that mothering role. I know my grandma appreciates time spent with her more than any gift I could buy her.
  • Photos! There is something so special about having pictures of those you love around your home.
  • Clothes– I’m pretty sure every woman loves clothes, and clothing that’s on sale-well that’s even better!! I shop Zulily daily and find so many great deals.
  • The Spa is my mom and my favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Our husbands have been getting us both gift cards to the same spa and we go together for a relaxing day or pampering.



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Remember to bless the mothers in your lives! Share any ideas you love below…

Easter Weekend Recap

I really hope you had a great Easter weekend because ours was ridiculously awesome. Spring here in Colorado has been really interesting-that’s how I’ll put it-another way to put it is snowy. In the beginning of the week we had heard that there was a potential for a blizzard mid-week, but being a native Coloradoan I didn’t think much of it. Well, come Wednesday it was absolutely insane! My husband left for work his normal time but I kept my eye/ear on the news in case this storm took a turn for the worse. Around 11am I started hearing about road closures (like major highways) so I called the hubby to tell him that if he didn’t leave now he may not be able to get home. All together from Wednesday morning to Thursday morning we ended up with 20 inches, yes TWENTY! However, the good news is that we ended up having daddy home for four days this weekend, yay!





Thankfully I had purchased the things we needed to dye Easter eggs before the big blizzard came. It was a great indoor activity and Charlotte loved it!

IMG_2723 IMG_2727 IMG_2730 IMG_2733

Once the snow cleared and the roads were drivable we went to visit my Grandma and had a great time chatting and having lunch together. Charlotte really enjoyed the time too, the Easter Bunny even came to visit her at Grandma’s! Charlotte was so excited about her pretty boa she received and couldn’t wait to get home to put it on our dog Maverick, ha! That evening we painted some pictures for the Easter Bunny with glitter paint.

IMG_2744 IMG_2750 IMG_2751Saturday Charlotte and I painted our nails and cooked together. We made Whole30 chicken nuggets with Whole30 approved mashed potatoes, homemade ranch sauce, and a homemade buffalo sauce. By far my favorite Whole30 meal we’ve had to date, I am on day 15 and feeling so good!!

IMG_2762 IMG_2755 IMG_2770


Sunday was Easter and it was such a wonderful day! We had church service in the morning celebrating that He is risen! During Charlotte’s nap I went for a three-mile run and the Easter Bunny made his appearance at our house! Charlotte was so excited when she woke up from nap, she kept gasping and saying “oh my goodness….” each time she ran into another egg. My favorite part of Easter though was doing resurrection eggs with my family. It was a beautiful moment of reading God’s word about the true meaning of Easter and having something tangible for Charlotte to hold onto, these will make a return every Easter from here on out. It was a wonderful long weekend spent with my family.

Tell me some highlights of your weekend….?












Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

Am I the only one that finds it weird that Easter is in March this year? It’s totally blowing my mind. It is truly starting to sneak up on me though, so I put together some ideas for a toddler Easter basket! Enjoy…

Easter BasketFinal with Die LineEaster eggsEgg decoratingassorted-easter-cookie-box-set-of-12-2-oEaster PajamasBunny Slippersresurrection eggsOllies


  1. This Easter basket-It is so cute! Last year I totally didn’t get a big enough basket, so this one should do the job!
  2. Stamp set-Charlotte is really into stamps right now and we only have one set. We really like the Melissa and Doug version.
  3. Glitter Eggs-I cannot hide the real hard boiled eggs in my house so these plastic ones will have to do.
  4. Egg decorating kit-This kit looks like fun to decorate our eggs with!
  5. Easter Cookies-These are so ridiculously cute! I just love Williams Sonoma.
  6. Easter Pajamas-I’m a sucker for holiday themed pajamas, I just think it’s cute when Charlotte wakes up in her holiday pj’s for morning festivities.
  7. Bunny Slippers-I can’t even handle kids in slippers, these are just too adorable.
  8. Resurrection Eggs-This simple but educational gift teaches kids about the true meaning behind why we celebrate Easter.
  9. Ollies Easter Eggs-I’ve mentioned my love for Ollie’s books in the past but this one is just too cute. The illustrations in this book are to die for, I think we’ve read it about a dozen times so far and we’ve had it checked out from the library for a week.

Valentine’s Treats + a workout!

I’ve gathered the most delicious looking treats in one place for you to make for Valentine’s Day. Which is also why I included a workout because how do you pick just one of these decadent desserts, I won’t judge if you make a few, or all 😉

Peanut Butter Lava Cake-Okay, what’s not to lust love? Peanut Butter+Chocolate+Lava cake? OMG

Chocolate Calzone’s-This is a fun activity plus a delicious treat.

Strawberry Creampuffs-There’s something about creampuff’s that I can’t resist. Maybe the light airy texture? Maybe the cream on the inside? (That’s what she said! *Michael Scott anyone?*)

Chocolate Sugar Cookies-Chocolate cookies, frosting, sprinkles, and in the shape of a heart?! Couldn’t be cuter!

Red Velvet Brownies-Okay my husband is going to love me forever for these. He loves brownies and he loves red velvet cake, so put them together and who knows what will happen?!?!

Now for a workout to make us feel a tad less guilty for the abundance of indulgences!


Valentine’s Gift Ideas for the Man in your Life

If you haven’t checked your calendar lately Valentine’s Day is less than a week away! You still have time to get an awesome gift for the man in your life. We’ve never been huge into celebrating this holiday in our house but we do try and do something small. Here are a few ideas!


  • Whiskey Wedge-If your man is at all like mine and loves Whiskey, there is no better gift. This Whiskey Wedge made by Corkcicle is used frequently in our house. Surprise your man with this and his favorite bottle of Whiskey and he will be a happy man, promise!
  • Road ID-If your man is into outdoor fitness this Road ID bracelet is a great gift idea. This ID bracelet will give you peace of mind knowing if he gets hurt there is contact information right on his body that will be easy to find.
  • Plan an afternoon adventure! Pack a backpack full of essential picnic materials and find an awesome bike route to take him on. Enjoy the outdoor scenery and a romantic picnic at the destination you choose!
  • Get him tickets to his favorite sports team or his favorite band/singer. Setup a babysitter for the kids that night and enjoy a night of fun!
  • Bake him his favorite treat and have a classic dinner and movie date night in. No dressing up required! In fact dressing down would probably be encouraged 😉


What are some of your ideas you’d like share?

What’s your man’s favorite treat?


Valentine Gift Ideas for a Toddler Girl

One of the things I really enjoy about having a kiddo is being able to experience holiday’s through their eyes. Each holiday is an excuse for me to have as much fun as my two year old enjoying the festivities! Here are a few gift ideas for toddler girls:

GapBunny Ballet Flats-Super cute! What girl doesn’t love new pink shoes?!

Ollie’s Valentine-I love the Ollie series of books.

Olaf Shirt-Because we are still all things Frozen over here…

Photo Booth Props-It’s always fun to have an excuse to get dressed up and take a few silly pictures to send to family and friends!

Cookie Cutter Set-Charlotte LOVES to help in the kitchen. Heart shaped cookies to decorate would be a fun afternoon activity.


I would love to hear your ideas for gifts as well!