Family Trip to Nebraska

Brent has family in a small town in Nebraska and we love to go and visit. Brent’s dad lives on a farm and Charlotte loves to run and play on the acres of land he has. Here’s a giant photo dump of our awesome trip!


My niece fell asleep on the four wheeler, how is that possible?!


This girl LOVES bugs


Cousins and best friends


Her auntie made her hair so beautiful, I need to learn how to do pretty things with her hair!


Country girls!


Making a mess at the mulberry tree


Daddy took her on so many trips on this thing, down to the train tracks, to see horses/cows/lightening bugs


One sleepy girl

IMG_4395 IMG_4378 IMG_4374 IMG_4362 IMG_4357 IMG_4348 IMG_4336

Out of all the years we’ve been traveling to Nebraska this trip had the best weather we’ve ever experienced. Nebraska is normally super hot/humid/buggy and we didn’t have any issues with any of those things! We really soaked up all the time outside and with our family. Until next summer, Nebraska!

Our First Vacation Without Kids!

So, Brent and I went to Laguna Beach for 5 days without Charlotte. I was so nervous while preparing for leaving Charlotte for so long. Since having her I haven’t left her more than one day, so five was pretty intimidating. We had so many fun things planned and my nerves quickly subsided once we were on our way to the airport. I’ll tell you one thing, traveling without children is WAY more relaxing. All through the airport I felt as if I was missing something or forgot to pack an essential thing but it was just smooth sailing!

Wednesday we landed in Laguna Beach about mid-day, we got our super sweet (just kidding, it was a tiny neon blue car) rental car and headed to our hotel. After getting checked into our super cute hotel we took a walk down to the beach and played in the (cold) ocean, grabbed some dinner and called it an early night.


Driving to our hotel, the ocean!!


Does it get more beautiful?



Thursday we spent the morning/afternoon walking around all the shops around Laguna Beach. We scored some really amazing local restaurants for both breakfast and dinner that we were super impressed with. Later that evening we had a couples massage that ended with an hour soak in a hot tub that overlooked the ocean at sunset, swoon!


Hubba hubba! My handsome date at lunch overlooking the ocean.


This drink was SO good! We enjoyed plenty of adult beverages.


The really cool hotel our massage was at


Champagne, husband in a hot tub, with a sunset view of the ocean, life does not get better

Friday was a super exciting day for us. We reserved to have a guide take us out on the ocean to do some stand up paddle boarding. We went to an awesome place for some coffee and breakfast for fuel to paddle across the sea! We ended up loving the lesson so much that we had lunch, a nap, and then went and rented our own paddle boards for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Funny story though, the waves are significantly smaller in the morning than they are in the afternoon, so we had no problem getting out past the waves into the flat ocean in the morning. However, in the afternoon it was a serious struggle. I ended up getting taken out, HARD, by a wave carrying my paddle board in front of an entire beach of people watching. My swimsuit was filled with sand, had saltwater up my nose, and scratches all down by back…ugh! But, I eventually made it out and had a great time (minus my giant fear of sharks). We found the most amazing rooftop patio for drinks and dinner and called it a night.


The coffee here was so good!


Standing was way harder than I thought it would be!


He’s a pro


View from our hotel room balcony


Lunch with drinks and desert! Because, why not!?

Saturday was our last day so we soaked it up. We had a wonderful breakfast, golfed and did some nature walking, drank at the pool bar and had the best dinner I’ve had in my life, truly.


Our room was so cute!


Our room was so cute!


Butter cake, the best thing I’ve ever tasted.

IMG_3951 IMG_3955 IMG_3961 IMG_3962 IMG_3978

Sunday we were up early to catch our flight home, we were ready to see our munchkin! We had such a wonderful time in Laguna Beach and hope to return again, it’s a magical place that holds a special place in my heart.

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Recent Trip to California

So our family of three decided to take an awesome vacation to Laguna Beach, California. My husband Brent was there for work and I decided this was the perfect excited for our daughter and I to meet him out there for a fun vacation! Charlotte was so excited to fly on a plane and see the beach for the first time! Thursday morning we caught a flight in the morning and this girl made traveling so enjoyable..

The flight was quick and easy but we were inching closer to nap time and I was starting to get nervous about an upcoming meltdown. It was probably a trip to see me pushing Charlotte in our stroller with a backpack on pulling our suitcase behind us through the (entire) airport. We then headed to get our rental car and the little peanut fell asleep (for a WHOLE 15 mins) as we drove to our hotel.

We finally made it to our hotel and we were ready for our California adventure!

The face of PURE joy!

The thing I was most looking forward to was our opportunity to do a whale and dolphin watching boat trip. It has truly been my dream to see both in the wild since I was little. I could hardly sleep the night before our trip because I was so excited. Marking this off my bucket list was truly amazing!

Look closely and you can see the puff of air from the Grey Whale!

Doing her best to find the wildlife…

We can’t wait to visit Laguna Beach again someday as it was one of the best family vacations we’ve had! Although this little munchkin was pooped!