Oh, Heyyyy!!!!

Well hello everyone! Remember when I used to blog?!? Yeah, me either. It has been a really long time but I’m finally at a place where I feel like I have some time to use this space again! I’ve missed having this as an outlet and connecting with you all! So…..lets catch up, shall we?


  • Last time we spoke I was still pregnant with our son, who will be 6 months in 7 days, woah! I’ll start working on a birth story for Mr. Cooper Mac to share with you all.

  • I lost my grandmother, a really devastating loss for our family.

  • Took Charlotte skiing for the first time! That was so amazing!

  • Charlotte finished preschool
First day compared to last day of Pre-school.
  • We took a 6 hour road trip (that ended up being 7) with our 3 month old who hated his car seat (why do we do these things to ourselves? ha!)
  • We took our first vacation as a family of four to Breckenridge, that was a blast!

  • Both Brent and I turned 32, yikes!
  • Charlotte took her first solo swim lessons and started dance (ballet and tap) yesterday!

  • Charlotte will be 4 in 10 days, ouch-that hurts my mama heart. Can’t wait to show you all her rainbow unicorn birthday party we have planned!
  • We had to sleep train Cooper, that was SO not fun!
  • I survived my first solo parenting weeks while Brent was away for a few work trips, those were not easy1
  • We have really been enjoying our summer now that we have “adjusted” to having two children (ha! do you ever really adjust?!?)
  • Cooper got his bottom two teeth!
  • I joined Usborne Books-check out My website! which is a fun new adventure, although I’m not sure how I’ll balance it all haha!


Well, I’ve missed you all and look forward to dusting this space off and writing more often!

Much love,


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