Charlotte at 4 Years Old

Four years ago today we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our daughter…..

The day before was just another weekend for Brent and I. We had been really good at taking naps on the weekends to make sure we were extra rested “just in case” she decided to come. However, this day we decided to forgo our nap for the Wolverine movie at the theater. As I went to bed that evening, I was tired, and not really feeling well. At 10pm my water had broken and thus began a very long night. After pushing for 4 hours (yikes) and having to use suction to get her out, she was born 8/26/13 at 11:34am. She is the one who made me a mama and we are so thankful for her life and what she has added to our family!

4 years between these pictures!


Charlotte is a pretty good eater! But a very SLOW eater, that causes a little frustration at dinner time but oh well! Her favorite foods are: oatmeal, yogurt, mac and cheese, cherries, all berries, mashed potatoes, spaghetti and she loves her milk. She is required to bring her milk and silverware to the table before dinner and then asks to be excused bring her dishes to the sink and put her milk back in the fridge after dinner.


We start our bedtime routine at 7:30 which includes: jammies, potty, brush teeth, and 2 books that we checked out from the library. Then we do family prayers and Brent and I tuck her in, then she’s asleep by 8.

We do quiet time instead of nap time now, however, she does take a nap maybe a couple times a month.


Charlotte loves to ride her bike and scooter outside. She also has quite the imagination and has started to want to play with her toys by making them talk and interact with each other. She takes dance (ballet and tap) and loves that! She also does swim lessons and is doing great with those. Although, her favorite activity by far is reading.



Pre-k starts in about a week and I cannot believe it. She will be going to school 3 days a week for 3 hours at a time. She really enjoys school so I’m excited for her but we will miss her those mornings.

These past four years have been the most rewarding and most challenging years of my life. Charlotte, thank you for making me a mama and choosing me. I am so thankful for your life, for who you are becoming, and for the family we’ve created. You are beautiful inside out, kind, loving, an amazing sister, and even better friend.¬†I’m excited to see you grow and learn in the years to come.