8 Reasons I Put Coconut Oil In My Coffee

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I remember thinking my husband was totally weird when he told me he wanted to start putting coconut oil in his coffee. For one, he doesn’t like coconut, for two, he doesn’t drink coffee daily. At the time I didn’t know much about coconut oil, so I did some research, went to Whole Foods and bought him some. He then became pretty obsessed with “bulletproof coffee”-which is coffee, coconut oil, and grass-fed butter, blended to make a frothy coffee drink. I remember trying it and it tasted great but at the time I thought it had too many calories for just coffee. Since then I’ve done my due diligence and learned about the amazing health benefits of coconut oil and have since put it in my coffee each morning. Here are the reasons I put it in my coffee each day…

  1. Coconut Oil is the most nutrient dense part of the coconut itself. Coconut oil is made up of short and medium chain fatty acid’s which are easier for our bodies to break down and absorb for energy use. The mix of caffeine in the coffee and the MCFA’s is a combination that gives me long lasting energy to start the day with.
  2. One of the most beneficial MCFA’s is that of Lauric Acid, which has been proven to increase the body’s immunity defenses for fighting viruses and disease. This reason alone is a reason to consume coconut oil!
  3. It can increase your metabolism and help you burn fat more quickly. And everyone said, amen! Since coconut oil is made up of those short and medium chain fatty acid’s it goes straight to your liver and isn’t stored as fat!
  4. Your heart! In short, heart disease scares me, and it’s a big problem here in the US. Coconut oil has been proven to help promote normal and healthy platelet function in your blood, which helps to promote healthy function of your heart.
  5. My workouts! I am at a place where I’m really enjoying upping my weights and increasing my workout stamina, since adding coconut oil into my coffee I have noticed a (slight) difference in my athletic performance.
  6. Digestion! Coconut oil helps aid in regular and proper digestion of food and promotes healthy function of the ‘gut’.
  7. Absorption of other nutrients. Coconut oil is an amazing carrier oil  that it helps your body absorb many different vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly.
  8. Blood sugar-Coconut oil helps to improve the bodies secretion of insulin which is really important for those with diabetes.

This list is not all inclusive because there are still some benefits yet to be discovered. At any rate, I am a believer and I think you should be too!

*Bonus* ways you can use coconut oil: as a cooking oil replacement, eye make-up remover (seriously), lotion, shaving cream.


Tell me how you use coconut oil? Do you put it in your coffee?

Fun Facts Friday!

Hi everyone! It’s been an awesome week around here and we have a pretty great weekend in store as well.

Charlotte had her Valentine’s Day party at school yesterday and it was probably the cutest thing ever. Though I was thankful she only had 16 kiddos in her class because putting together those little valentine’s were time consuming!

This week’s weather has been gorgeous so we decided to take full advantage yesterday. After her party we hit up chick-fil-a and had a picnic at the park. Though the ground still had snow the air and sun was nice and warm!


So I found a fun survey I thought I’d do for this Fun Friday 😉

Three Places I want to visit

  • Alaska-Because I love the outdoors, snow, animals (whales, bears, etc). This is the place where you can get all things at once.
Northern Lights
  • The Northern Lights-This has been on my bucket list for a long time. This seriously seems like something you would see in space. I want to do this ASAP!
  • Italy-I want to take a few weeks and travel all over Italy. The food, the scenery, the culture, yes please!

Three Things I eat Daily

  • Coffee-I know this isn’t an ‘eat’ but I cannot live without my coffee. It is a must have!
  • Eggs! So many ways to have them, plus we enjoy breakfast for dinner around here.
  • Shakeology-I love my shake-o shakes and the energy they give me to chase around my crazy 2 year old!

Three Talents I Wish I Had

  • Singing-I’ve always wanted to be able to sing. But trust me when I say I was not blessed with that talent.
  • Drawing-I would love to be able to draw or paint something beautiful. I’ve also never really been creative but I’m working on it!
  • Interior Decorating-Joanna Gaines anyone?!

Three Celebrities I Would Want to be Friends With

  • Ellen-I truly just love that woman.
  • Jillian Michaels- I’ve posted about my love for her before. She’s funny but would also kick my butt!
  • Joanna Gaines-I love her farm, her personality (plus Chip and my husband have the same goofball humor), and I need her to come decorate my house.

Three Instagram Accounts I Love

  • Skinny Meg-She is TRULY inspiring. I’ve loved watching her journey over the past year and a half or so.
  • Robin Arzon-There’s something about a badass tattooed chick athlete that draws me in. Plus her abs are amazeballs.
  • Brittany Dixon-Her food pictures, her adorable kiddos, what else can I say. I just think we would be best friends if we met in real life 😉

Three Favorite Shows

  • Scandal!!! I need to watch the latest one, so no spoilers, okay?! I go to bed too early (snore, zzzz!)
  • The Office-I’m pretty sure my husband and I have watched every single episode of every single season a dozen times. We still think it’s just as funny.
  • Friends-“I’ll be there for you….when your rain starts to pour” oh, sorry-I forgot I can’t sing 😉

Pick a category from above and tell me something about you!!