What Does Health Look Like To You?

I think the word “health” brings up numerous thoughts and ideas both positive and negative for most people. When you think about being healthy, what does that look like to you? Do you picture a certain weight or size? Do you have an athletic achievement or ability in mind? Is it all about your body or do you encompass mental, emotional and spiritual health into the whole picture?

I don’t necessarily have the answer but I can say that I have been on a “whole person” journey of health the past few months. I have always been a physically fit person, I’ve enjoyed working out and eating healthy (though I do have a sweet tooth). However, recently I wanted to really focus on my whole self in reference to being “healthy”. I think a good question we should ask ourselves is “how am I doing?” and be bold enough to be brutally honest. One thing that I know to be true, it’s easier to make excuses than it is to make changes. However, in order to be the healthiest-mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually-we are at times required to make some changes and some sacrifices.

The first piece is that of being healthy in your physical body. I know everyone has heard the eat better and move more campaign but it’s really true. The food that goes into your body should be fuel to sustain you more often and treats for fun less often. Sugar is my downfall, can anyone else relate? Mostly I feel this is a vicious cycle for me, I eat sugar because I’m feeling tired and run down but the sugar then makes me feel more tired and run down, then repeat…ugh! Not reaching for the easiest fix for the energy crisis will eventually be the solution to my problem but doing it is a whole other matter. Sleep is another huge component of physical health. When we sleep our body restores and heals itself. Not getting enough sleep negatively affects your immune system, memory, and metabolism.


If I’m brutally honest, I reached a place in my life that I didn’t like what I saw. I was snappy, crabby, tired, and quick to anger. I did NOT like heading in that direction so I decided to make some changes. Health to me is a whole picture including my mental and spiritual beings that were indeed lacking and it was showing from my actions.

All that to say, my husband and I started the Whole30 challenge yesterday. Those of you unfamiliar with Whole30 it essential says “no” to sugar, grains, dairy and legumes but yes to meat, seafood, eggs, tons of vegetables, some fruit, and plenty of good fats from fruits, oils, nuts and seeds. Essentially foods that are “whole” and in their natural form. I am a sucker for sugar and need to kick my addiction, I’m looking forward to this challenge but I’m also nervous. This will by far be the most clean I will have eaten for this long, maybe some of you think 30 days isn’t very long, maybe some of you think 30 days is nothing. To me, it’s long enough to be a challenge but still totally doable. I’ll be checking in periodically about our progress through the program and things that I’ve learned about my body and nutrition.

To add to this food challenge, I also started half marathon training yesterday as well, ha! I’m obviously a glutton for punishment, but I’m super excited to be training for a race again. The race is June 25th and I’m really hoping to beat my previous PR which is 2:06, which is about a 9:30 steady pace. If I could get my pace down to an average 9:10 pace I could bust the 2 hour mark (which is my ultimate goal), we shall see!!

Getting back to what it looks like for me to be healthy is the journey I am on, mentally/physically/emotionally/spiritually.

What does health look like to you?

Weekly Food and Fitness Plan

Hello everyone!! I took an unexpected long weekend away from the blog, hope you guys enjoyed the weekend as much as I did! The warm weather this weekend had me craving spring like crazy, hello sunshine!!

Brent’s travel schedule has been crazy lately so he was gone again last week. Thursday we had a special birthday dinner at my in-law’s house, the girls had a blast running around like crazies, ha!


Happy Birthday!

Friday we enjoyed having daddy home, playing chase around the house and being goofy…



We all were tired so we hit the sack pretty early Friday night. Saturday we had a big day! It was my niece’s 3rd birthday party so we had breakfast and then spent the day at the zoo!

IMG_2392 IMG_2383 IMG_2386 IMG_2393

Charlotte LOVED feeding the giraffe’s, the zoo gives you a bundle of lettuce for $3, that $3 was worth every penny for the joy it gave Charlotte! Funny story-Last time we fed the giraffe’s I had the bundle of lettuce in my hands getting and we were getting ready to feed them when a thief of a giraffe came up and ate the entire bundle right out of my arms! Needless to say we had to go and purchase more lettuce and try again…

IMG_2396This was my conversation with Charlotte on the way home from the zoo… “Mama, I’m tired” “Close your eyes baby” “But I want to sleep in my own bed” how cute is that? She wanted to nap in her own bed, but obviously you can tell by the picture above that the sleepiness eventually won and she passed out.

Sunday we were all pretty tired from our big day Saturday so we watched church on TV in our PJ’s, best invention ever! Then we spent the entire day outside, we setup some chairs on our driveway with our neighbors and let our girls play in the cul-de-sac, and after nap took Charlotte to the park. She could seriously swing for hours…

IMG_2372Then Sunday night was the Oscar’s (!!!!) Yay Leo, you will forever be my high school crush. Though I’m not going to lie, sometimes watching The Oscar’s makes me feel totally out of the loop when it comes to film.

Here is this week’s food and fitness plan



Did you watch the Oscar’s? Any surprises?

Tell me a highlight from your weekend!