My Favorite Items from Trader Joe’s

For the longest time we didn’t have a Trader Joe’s close to me but when we lived in Dallas for 3 years I fell in love with the place. Once we moved back to Colorado I was so bummed to have to say goodbye to my beloved Trader Joe’s. But the company must know my love for it because while we were in Texas there was a location here in Colorado built that’s close to my house! I thought I would share a small list of some of the items I love from Trader Joe’s.


These pomegranate seeds are so convenient! I know I can easily buy a whole pomegranate and deseed it myself, however, if I’m strapped on time these babies are a life saver. My daughter loves these things and they are super nutritious.


I am in LOVE with this item. This item is seriously perfect and you need to go get some ASAP. Now before you knock on it being cauliflower it honestly doesn’t really taste like anything. The cauliflower easily tastes like whatever you season it with. We use this for a replacement in any dish you would typically use rice.


This juice is seriously refreshing. On days that I have long runs or are feeling super thirsty this juice quenches my thirst! Plus, add this to a smoothie in place of water for a little sweetness!


Sriracha and Ranch, need I say more? Nope!


My husband cannot have chili or a soup dish without cornbread. I have tried so many cornbread recipes, and none of them come close to this boxed mix. I would say this bread is on the sweeter side and is super tasty.


I love coffee, I mean REALLY love coffee. This coffee is one of those you can drink each morning and never get sick of the taste and how smooth it is. If you’re a coffee drinker like myself you will love this one.


Any type of complete salad mix, I am in love with. I never really get sick of salads but I love having a variety of toppings and flavors to give my taste buds diversity. Plus, it’s nice not having to buy all those different toppings that you only use a handful of times.


In this house we love BBQ sauce, and this one we can’t get enough of. Our daughter is in the “dip anything and everything into a sauce” phase and this is one of her favorites too.


Share some of your favorite Trader Joe’s staples

Anything on this list look like a new “must-have”?