Weekly Meal Plan

Hi friends! How is it that it’s almost September? I am simultaneously soaking up the last of the summer days while getting ridiculously excited for fall. Are there any other fall lovers out there?  I figured it’s been awhile since I’ve done a weekly meal plan for you guys and decided it was time to bring it back, not that my meals are mind blowingly delicious but they are easy and healthy and that makes me happy! We have been a little more carb heavy than we typically are but that is another post for another time 😉


BLTA’s, salad, and tator tots (or minion fries as my toddler calls them). I love to add avocado to our BLT’s I think it adds a depth of flavor. Here is some good information on how to pick the perfect avocado. Because, it’s the worst getting home and cutting into a yucky avocado.


Applegate hot dogs and grass-fed burgers on the grill. What is summer time without grilling?! We like to load up our burgers and dogs with lots of grilled veggies, fresh crisp lettuce, tomatoes, pickles (only the bread and butter kind for me) and all the condiments!


Spaghetti and Caesar salad

Hubby isn’t home for dinner so Charlotte and I take advantage and make spaghetti. It’s quite the crime for this part Italian woman to be married to a man who doesn’t like spaghetti. I mean, how is that possible?! But since it’s true, Charlotte and I brown up some Italian sausage for the protein and indulge in some fresh parmesean topped spaghetti and a Caesar salad.


This sausage and roasted veggie dinner served with cous cous and a green salad. Simple but a family favorite around here…


Friday is the day I declare that I don’t cook dinner, and it’s glorious! We typically do chipotle or Café Rio salad’s-have you tried them? If not, you should.


Bruschetta grilled cheese, omg! You guys, what’s more to love? Fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil, sliced turkey breast and balsamic glaze. All the delicious fresh flavors of summer in one sandwich.


Leftovers day!


We have a very busy week ahead with lots of fun things. Can’t wait to fill you guys in on what’s been happening around here behind the scenes. Check back later this week for an announcement!


Now you tell me…..

Any favorite meals or recipes you’ve tried lately?

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